Erik FernandezFounder, President, Chief Executive Officer & Director

Erik Fernandez is a true entrepreneur. Over the past 15 years he’s started five different companies in a range of industries from production to real estate and most recently has built an accounting, bookkeeping and financial consulting business servicing over 50 clients in a wide range of industries.
Through starting his own businesses, Erik knows how critical it is to manage company operations smoothly while having a clear understanding of a company’s financials and how to use financials as a tool to inform and enable a business’s growth.
After graduating from the College of William and Mary in 2002 with a BA in History, Erik moved out to Los Angeles where he began working in the entertainment industry before starting his own production company three years later.
With his skill in recognizing value in untapped markets, Erik has founded other companies in real estate, media distribution, self service and accounting industries. Before founding eVid, Erik founded and successfully runs an accounting firm that specializes in managing the finances of start-ups, as he truly understands the entrepreneurial spirit. Having served on the boards of other startups as corporate secretary, he has expertise in helping companies secure funding and balanÎ immediate cash flow needs while maintaining forward progress and developing sustained growth.

Sonata Taman COO

Sonata is an international business strategist and process engineer with extensive multinational experience across 3 continents within Fortune 500 corporations, such as ExxonMobil and P&G. Sonata is also an international speaker and a leading voice in Tech, Virtual Reality and Business Strategy.

After a long and illustrious career, both in the corporate and consulting worlds, Sonata decided it was time to use her vast business experience to pursue her lifelong dream of starting her own consulting company; Luminaire Advisors, a Growth Strategy Consultancy specializing in implementing customized Fortune 500 strategies to accelerate small & mid-sized businesses growth and scaling.
Her award-winning trajectory has saved her companies/ clients millions of dollars across multiple disciplines including Supply Chain & Operations, Project Management, Virtual Reality Monetization, Strategic Planning, Business Process Optimization, Strategic Marketing & Business Development.

Sonata also speaks five languages, predominantly English, French and Italian with varying fluency. When not busy scaling the next industry leaders, Sonata enjoys traveling, playing golf, and continuing her student pilot training.

Mario Franqui CFO

Mario has been trained in accounting, tax, and finance from an early age when he began work at his father’s tax accounting business. He eventually took over ownership in 2010 and served as its president and CEO. With a degree in economics from the University of Southern California, Mario brings 20 years of accounting and finance experience, as well as a deep understanding of managing cash flow and capital needs for startups and companies in high growth industries.

Mario has served as CFO of the United Studios of Self Defense, Inc. since 2013 helping it to become the largest martial arts franchise in the US. He has assisted with the purchase, sale and mergers of multiple companies across a wide swath of industries. He has worked due
diligence and negotiation for funding for a number of growing companies and startups. Mario has also overseen the audited financials for franchising and investing as companies reach benchmark stages of growth.

Nektar BaziotisCTO

Nektar is a founder and serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in international IT management and programming. Having 300+ successful IT projects in 17 countries, in addition to co-founding ENKI Technologies, Nektar is also currently Founder and Managing Director of Apogee Information Systems. Previously, he was a Business Analyst with the European Railway Agency, from 2011 to 2012, in France. Prior to that, he was a Project Manager with Cedefop, and IT Director for Telemach International, in New York and Greece.
In 2002, Nektar earned his BS degree in Mathematics. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and his Master’s degree in International Business from the University of Pennsylvania. He also earned an MBA from the University of Sheffield, in 2004.
On a more personal note, Nektar got his first job as a web designer intern when he was just 19. and by 22 he was managing an even bigger team of 20 developers at another company. Later on, he started his first company, with only one laptop, a great partner and started bidding for public tenders. He first moved to Santa Monica in 2011. He loved it here so much that in 2013 he founded ENKI technologies. Nektar has since grown ENKI to 32 clients and three partnerships. He is very passionate about freedom, self-evolution, technology and of course… cats!